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My own little Astro club

My name is Rob I live in the alton Illinois area I'M a lone star gazer looking for
people to share in my astronomy observing sessions.I am a 41 year old guy,
and have all my own observing equipment.I would like to get together with other people to go star gazing with ,I do have a couple of places to use,One is in the Brighton Ill. area.There is also a placed about 25 miles north of Brighton
I can use.Transporting equipment to the site is not a problem.Brighton is my
home town.I really like to do my observing in warmer weather but I do some cold weather sessions also.I work strait nights 5 days a week so saturdays & sundays are really my best times.So if your looking for an observing partner
please e-mail me here .

                                 Wanting to start a local astro club
If you would be interested in joining an astro club I would like to get one going
I know going out by yourself can be pretty boring to do.Thats why I'M looking
for some local people in my area to do observing with.We could share thoughts and ideas,And maybe learn something from each other.If your interested in
having someone to see the stars with please let me know.