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                                                   Astro observation log

                          "Messier Objects list"
 M#----Date observ.----Costellation----------Name & Remarks--------------
  1    9-27-92         Taurus                Crab nebula-Filamentary Struct.
  3    5-8-23          Canes venatici        C.C.
  4    5-26-93         Scorp.                C.C.
  6    8-28-92         Sagg.                 O.P.
  7    8-28-92         Sagg.                 O.C.
  8    8-28-92         Sagg.                 Loogoon nebula (Recommend)
  9    6-27-93         Ophiuchus             C.C.
 11    8-29-92         Scutum                C.C.
 12    6-20-93         Oph.                  C.C.
 13    9-19-92         Herc.                 C.C.
 17    8-29-92         Sagg.                 Swan nebula (Recomend it)
 18    5-26-93         Sagg.                 C.C.
 20----8-29-92---------Sagg.-----------------Trifid Nebula (Recomend it).
 21    5-26-93         Sagg.                 C.C.
 22    6-14-93         Sagg.                 C.C.
 24    5-26-93         Sagg.                 Star cloud nebulas.
 27    8-21-92         Vulpec.               Dumbbell nebula
 28    6-14-93         Sagg.                 C.C.
 31    8-20-92         Andro.                Galaxy (Recomend it.)
 32    8-20-92         Andro.                Galaxy ("comp. to M-31").
 35    9-27-92         Gemini                O.C.
 36    9-23-92         Auriga                O.C.
 37    9-23-92         Auriga                O.C.
 38    9-23-92         Auriga                O.C.
 42    9-23-92         Orion                 Diffused Nebula (Recomend it).
 44    1-22-93         Cancer                O.C. (Beehive cluster).

 51    4-26-93         Canes Venatici        Galaxy (Whirlpool galaxy).
 56    9-28-92         Lyra                  C.C.
 57    8-21-92         Lyra                  Nebula ("Ring nebula").
 64    5-15-93         Coma Bernices         Galaxy
 65    5-15-93         Leo                   Galaxy
 66    5-15-93         Leo                   Galaxy
 67    1-22-93         Cancer                O.C.
 69    5-26-93         Sagg.                 C.C.
 71    6-20-93         saggitta              C.C.
 81    4-26-93         Ursha Major           Galaxy
 82    4-26-93         Ursha Major           Galaxy
 92    6-7-93          Hercules              C.C.
 95    5-15-93         Leo                   Galaxy
 96    5-15-93         Leo                   Galaxy
 97    1-22-93         Ursha Major           Galaxy
101    6-14-93         Ursha Major           Galaxy
104    5-26-93         Virgo                 Galaxy

                     All observations made with 10"F\5.
                     At varible magnifications.


                        Telescope "Specifications"       first light                                                          First light
                       Eye pieces & magnifications.   Aug.20,1992

                        (10"F/5) BUILT BY R.S.1992)
      Tube Asembly:Newtonian Reflector.
  Tube 1/2" thick wall cardboard:12"I.D.X13"O.D.x?
  Mirrors primary:10"-F/5 secondary 2.60" (Parks)
  Focal length=1265MM.
  Kenneth Novak Spider cell & secondary mirror holder.
  "     " "   " Primary mirror cell.
  Mead 11/4" rack & Pinion focuser.
  Dobsionian mount(total est. weight) 70#

  "eye pieces" & Magnifications.
  28MM=45X (R.E.K Brand).


                          " Personal Observations"      (10"F\5)
                           first light Aug.20,1992.
first night seeing poor M#31-Andro. fuzzy ball 105X.andM#32.comp.galaxy.
open globular clusters869-884 very nice 45X &105X.
Both in same field located in Persus.
Saturn @ 105X counted 3 moons belts around planets visible.Showed hints
of cassini division ring.Spoted 2 meterors,white in color moving south.

Aug.21-22 45X-105X,seeing fair.
M-57 ring nebula in lyra.Apears as a doughnut,central star not visible.
M-27 Dumb Bell nebula in Vulpecula,Gray & white square patch,some
hint of hour glass shape.Hercules tightly packed cluster could not ID.

Aug.24-25 seeing fair.
Located small elongated smudge of light between Beta cygni & Beta Lyra.
west north west of Beta cygni.Probley distant galaxy.
1 meteror passed through eye piece.

Aug.28-29 seeing excellent best yet.
Saggitarius M-6;M7 open clusters resolved at 105X.
M-8;M20;M-17:Nebulas appeared as hazy patches of light.

Scutum:M-11 globular cluster beatifull in the eye piece fills view @ 105X.
Cassiopeia:A beautifull cluster could not identifi.Located between 869-884
& E Cass.indentified 3-26-93 as stock#2.Spoted 1 metero in eastern sky
yellow in color heading south.

Sept.13-Full moon viewing lunar rays with heavy blue filter.Fine filament
structure liked Copernicus rays the most.

Sept. 19 seeing fair Hercules large globular cluster tightly packedM#13
beatifull in the eye piece.highly recomend it.

Sept.23 5:00a.m. seeing good first view of the Orion nebula M#42 foggy
neblosity fills the field @ 45X. Shape of nebula very noticeable.45X-105X.
Open clusters in Auriga M#36-37-38.Nice clusters.
could not locate M#1.

Sept. 27.Seeing good @ 105X-45X.
First view of M#1 Crab nebula in taurus dissapointed in view appeared as
large round nebulas patch could not detect any filamentary structure.
located M#35 in gemini.Nice cluster.Spotted one meteror high in east.
Light blue in color very short heading strait North.

Sept. 30 seeing good @ 45X-105X.
Cass. oberserved very red star only red star in field of view.Located very
near B-Cass.Observed bright round nebulas patch S.W. of vega star.
could not identify:spotted several nice open clusters scattered across
the milkyway galaxy.Spotted 1 meteror high in northern sky.
Heading northwest blue in color.

Sept. 28:seeing fair.
observing the milky way plane spotted 3 different open clusters & several
nice star fields.scaning through S.E. of Vega star found compact cluster.
Indentified as M#56 in lyra resolved @ 105X.
-----------------------------------------------end 1992--------------------
Jan.22 seeing fair at times
Mars could not see much detail to much turbulance.
Jupiter @ 105X. slight turbulance hints of belts & moons visible.
Orion nebula excellent view clearly seen trapizum counted 4 stars.
M#44-Bee hive cluster in cancer large field of bright stars.
M#67-large & distant open cluster.Nice view"
M#97-Owl Nebula round faint nebulas patch does not bear all.

March 14 tempt.+28 seeing fair:
Seach for 8th. mag. comet Schaumasse between 5hrs.-58min.+6hrs.26 min.+
46 deg. and+47 deg. with 10" F\5 @ 45X.for about 1 hour"no luck".
with in the constellation Auriga.Searched for NGC.2392 planetary nebula.
Located in gemini could not find.Jupiter in Constallation Virgo still
very low on horizon.Belts lightly visible,but turbulance interfers.
Moons very visible & bright @ 90X.Star Siris in Canis Major very nice,
in the eye piece.Blue color @ 45X. Shines @ 1st.magnitude.

March 27:Seeing fair-new moon-tempt.55 degs.
silver bullet passed through eye piece in Ursha Major.Observed very close
double star.(did not I.D.). 1 meteror passed through eyepiece while scanning
through Auriga heading from east to west.
"Discouraged when 3 neighbors turned on flood lights"1 began barbeque
pact it in for the night.

Apr.26 seeing poor temp.63 degs.
Canes Venatici(Whirlpool galaxy)M#51. apeared as a double galaxy 2 molted
cores with haze surrounding each one.
M#81-82 in ursha Major both galaxys in same field of view @ long and
narrow nebulas patch ,the other one more round with visible core
surrounded by ghostly glow.
spotted 1 Silver bullet heading east to west.seen 2 meterors white in
color heading strait south,High in western sky.

May 8:Seeing poor temp.74 degs.
1 meteror high in western sky heading strait south white&yellow color
very fast & short.Canes Ven. @ 134029degs.Globular cluster M#3 first view
spotted 1st.In 10X50s,as faint round patch almost strait overhead.
@ 2130h.through the 10" @ 45X very bright and large.Began to resolve edges
@ 105X. Could not locate M#101 in Ursha Major.Coord.140155degs.

May 13:Good seeing temp.63 degs. last 1/4 moon.
resolved globular M#3 with new eye pieces & larger diagonal.
@126X. using 20MM. with 2X barlow.Globular cluster M#13 in hercules easily
resolved.Could not locate M#101 in Ursha Major.First view Virgo cluster
located 3 small fuzzies in same field with 32MM @ 39.5X.had to quit to go to

May 14:
Jupiter in virgo very bright and colorful,Several bands around the planet
visible could detect several different colors .yellow,orange,reds
together with cream & white ghostly colors very nice.

May 15:Good seeing temp.65 degs.last 1\4 moon.
Located 2 very dim galaxys,in leo believed to be M#95-M#96 both appeared
with a slightly oval shape @ apeared almost comet like located
@ 104112 degs. & 104412 degs.ALSO lodated M#65-M#66 galaxys M#66 brighter
than M#65 @ 63.25X. Both look long and fairly dim. M#65 @ 111613.
M#66 111813 degs.
Coma Berenices:Black eyed galaxy M#64.appeard to have individual star on
the western side very bright and large @ 126.5X.nice galaxy.
Could not locate M#64 @ 125422. 1 meteror passed through eye piece
very bright and white high in west moving due north.

May 17:seeing good temp.50 moon.
Lyra:ring nebula interesting as usual looks like small doughnut blue in color
bears mag. well observed @39x-63.25x-126.5x Pos.18hrs.52"+33degs.N.
M#56C.C.very compact but brightobserved @ 39x-63.25x-126.5x.
borderlined on resolution pos.19hrs.+33degs.N.Saw several nice starfields
in rising summer milkyway sky.observed through parts of the ,
North American nebula,many different colors of stars.
Could not locate Cygnus position 20hrs22mins.+38degs.north.
Searched for M#27. the Dumb bell nebula in Vulpecula could not locate.
Spotted 1 meteror high in east moving due north very bright& white.

May26:1st. 1\4 moon seeing good temp.lower 60s.
observing terminator on moon very detailed rolling hills & craters filled
with shadows.
Canes Venatici:M#51 the whirlpool galaxy 2 galaxys clearly visible,Detected
nebulicy around both galaxys.slight spiral structure in larger galaxy.
dust lane between the two lightly visible.Owl nebula M#97 pos.111255 degs.
In Ursha Major planetary nebula round hazy patch bares mag. well viewed
@ 39x-63.25x-79x-126.5x gray and white in color.
viewed other galaxy in area of M#108 & M#97 could be NGC.3556ELONGATED,faint
could not locate M#108-M#101 with 32mm @ 39.5x.Seen two other galaxys
while scanning in Ursha Major could not identify very small and faint.

Lyra M#57:ring nebula @ 185233
pale blue in color bears mag. well viewed at 126.5x hole in center very
clear could not detect central star.
Virgo Cluster:(lots of moon glow)
Spotted 4 different faint fuzzies could not identify.LocatedM#104 pos.123711
The Sombrero galaxy nice fairly bright,Seen edge on could see hint
of central buldge with dust lanes extending outwards very nice @ 63.25x.

Scorpius:M#4,Globular cluster 1.3degs.west of Antares (also)Ngc.6121:
pos.1620-2624 very pretty in the eyepiece filled view @ 63.25x.A splatter
of stars which appeared to be all the same mag.I would rate this cluster
as 1 of the best.NGC.6231:open cluster pos.16hrs.51min.42degs.Nice field
of stars,fairly bright.Spotted other cluster due north of NGC.6231.
Designation H-12 DES.16hrs.53mins.+41degs.north.

filled with more clusters and nebulas that can be identified at the time
milkyway is very impressive and extendsive throughout this region Started
viewing with 32mm plosel.@ 39.5x at E-Sagittari.Scanning east to locate
M#69 located 2.5 degs.N.Eof,E sagitari.Resembled very bright nebula round
can npt resolve in the 10"F\5.Moving on east located M#70.very simular to
M#69 also unresolvable.Located M#28 pos.18215-25degs.Simular to M#69 & M#70
Moved scope to spout of tea pot scanned north to locate M#8 Logoon nebula
Very bright stars almost cluster like mixed with bright nebulosity very nice.
Moving on up to locate M#21 & M#20 (trifid nebula)Both in same field of view
at 39.5x.Very beautiful stars M#21 & nebulas light from the Trifid nebula
almost merge together to form a splindid view (very nice).
Sagittarius:foundM#24(NGC.6603).Star cloud,LocatedM#17,Horseshoe nebula
and globular cluster M#18 both in the same field of view.M#17 Swan nebula
very bright area of nebulisity.Saggitarius is a excelent region for a
scope or binoculars.While scanning with the 10" noticed many areas over
the spout of the tea pot which appeared like threads running all over the
field of view resembeling dew forming over a series of cob webs.
Beatifull area highly recommended for viewing.
spotted several meterors all sporatic about a dozen or more through out
the night.One really caught my eye almost directly overhead.
Heading-N.E.about as bright as Jupiter.Leaving a trail half way across the
sky.Bright white in colorvery impressive.

June 7:seeing poor hazy temp.80 degs. 2 days past full moon.
First view of M#92 globular cluster in hercules,Resolved @ 79x. resembles
M#3 cluster very compacted and bright.Viewing Jupiter:poor conditions
details washed out from light and turbulance.

June 14:seeing good temp.75 degs. no moon:
Scorpius:Identified globular cluster M#80,@ 161423 very nice cluster @ 39x.
& 63.25x.compact and bright. Located other cluster due east of Antares,
Believed to be M#19 but could not identify.
Saggitarius:M#22 large and bright cluster @ 1833 -23degs. bright necleus
with stars splattering out towards the edge.Viewed @ 63.25x.
M#28-18hrs.21mins.-24degs.54mins. very compact cluster unresolvable @ 210x.
Ursha Major:M#101 @ 14015435 first view of this galaxy,@ 63.25-126.5x.
apeared as a round nebula.Grew brighter using averted vision.
the longer viewed the more detail came out.appeared to have a stellar
center and was surrounded by neblisty fadeing to the edges.
This galaxy must be viewed from a dark location to be appreciated.

June 20: seeing fair a little hazy temp.78 degs. no moon.
Cygnus:Scanning through the milkyway,Begining at an area S.E.of Deneb in the
North American nebula while moving north west located 2 very orange dim stars
resembling orange sparks.Continued moveing N.W located another orange star
N.W. of deneb very different stars.
Vulpecula:M#27 Dumbbell nubula,pos. 195822 rectangle gray and white patch
some hint of hour glass shape @105x.-210x.Very distinced nebula resembles
a reflection of light pasted in a dark sky really nice to observe,
Bares magnification well (better than most nebula).
Moved strait south into the constelation Saggita to pick up M#71 @ 195219
low surface brightness but still bares mag. well. Began taking on resolution
@ 210x. but nebulas apearance still dom. this cluster.

June 20-Ophiuchus:
M#10 Pos.165404(NGC.6254)easly resolved with the 10" F\5 @ 39.5x.very
bright condasation of stars,very nice cluster all stars mag.about same
Moved N.W located cluster M#12 Pos.164502 (NGC-6218).very nice splattering
of stars thinning out to the edges resolved easly @ 39x.
M#9 (NGC-6333) pos. 171618 very round,compact and bright appears as a bright
nebula @ low power barely began to resolve @ 210x using averted vision.
Aquila:(NGC6706) open cluster very nice at 39.5x very bright stars scattered
acrossed entire field of view.Pos.184910
M#11 (NGC6705) pos.184806, the duck cluster called a simi globular easy to
resolve @ 39.5x with very bright star located just off center of the cluster.


The Leonid meteror shower best i ever seen beatiful meterors at a fast rate.

                     This is where I draw the line
It"s been way to long since I'V added anything to my log and I"v missed alote of logging down items.
Comet Hale Bop and Comet hyakataki ,The metor showers in the last couple of years.Ect.Ect. Ect.