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                                        Welcome  to  my  little  piece  of  the  universe
  The stars ,The planets,The sun,Nebulas,Star clusters,cosmic dust,And black holes.
All part of the place we know as the universe,As you look around you ,All things
are a product of Space,In one form or another.The final frontteir so much to
explore,,So much to learn,Anyone who has any concept of the  enormous size of spacewill probaly tell you they don"t know  how big space is because the human mind cannot comprend  or imagine it .
                                                             HOW BIG IS IT?
The distance from the sun to the earth is aproximately 93 Million miles.(lost yet)
This is refered to as a astronomical unit.The planet pluto is about 40 AU from  the
Sun.This makes the diameter of our solar system alone about 80AU in diameter.
Thats about 7.440.000.00 miles.Already beyond our comprehendsion.(now were lost)
One light year is equal to 63.000 AU.
The light from Pluto takes about5.5 hours to reach Earth ,The light from the nearest star takes about 4.3 years to reach earth.(EVER HEARD OF LIGHT SPEED).
Still think Et really come to earth.Not me!!!!!
If Albert einstein is correct light is the fastest thing in space And at that speed
you would spred out just like that beam of light .The Milkyway galaxy is were we live or exist at.
Is there other life out there I think so with the size of our own galaxy alone being 100.000 lightyears
in diameter and there are billions and billions more just like ours out there.
The odds against it are just to great.There has to be life out there somewhere.

This is a pic of my own 10F/5 Reflector click on it for more on pics and the story behind it.
Telescopes come in all shapes and sizes,You can carry them out into the yard for a night of viewing.Then back in again to be stored till the next time you wish to go see the night sky,Don"t worry the sky changes from night to night,so theres always something new to see after awhile you"ll probaly set your sites on your favorite types of astronomical query some like clusters,some like nubulas.And some are content with viewing the planets.Whatever you look at you won"t be disapointed.Theres different types of scopes to choose from Reflectors,Refractors,Cassgrains,Just to name a few.You can even build a personal observatory to your likeing,Run them from your pc which I plan on doing in my later years.The acessories can add up to as much as you wish to spend.You can make many of them your self if your handy with a few basic tools and a little imagination also helps,As long as you like the end result thats all that matters.Telescopes are not hard to make there is a lot of good resources out there for all the info you need,And part suppliers are numeros also.Don"t be afraid to jump in and build one and when that first
star cluster or the rings of saturn pop into view and in focous you"ll be hooked as I was,A life long hobby
will have been born and you"ll be able to keep the memories for the rest of your life.Theres nothing out there that can top the beauty that nature has given us to enjoy.One thing about it you"ll always have a good seat for the show.

click on the moon for some moon pics I took through the eye piece
                            What is there to see
The very first thing people want to see is the craters on the moon,I"v taken people out star gazing andthey really had no idea what to expect or how much there is to see in the night sky,It"s full of beautifulsites.My personal favorites are the comets that pass through from time to time.Theres also open star clusters with stars that are spread out throughout the eyepiece,And the closedcompact star clusters thatfill the eyepiece in a massive ball of stars.And the ghostly glow of the galaxy"s with millions of light years seperating them from each other,Take a look at M51 to see what happens when two massive galaxy"s get to close to each otherOne has lunch and the other is lunch.Theres alot of difference between stars looking at them through the eyepiece,You"ll see blue stars yellow stars,blood red stars,Green stars.Probaly a few more I did"nt mention.Nubulas,And dust lanes spred out through tthe milkyway galaxy.My favorite area is toward
Saggitarius in the summer time sky looking south this area is so rich in stars and dust and nebulas it resembles cob webs all tided together,It is truely a site to remember.


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